March 7, 2011



The strips for what we are referring to as “Season 1” are all drawn in the “can”. The next season is already in production, I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for Andy, Steve and the rest of the gang.  The team up in Montreal have the website up, complete with a store and apparel catalogue done. Watch out in your local head-shops, coffee houses and dispensaries for our merch!

Let me tell ya, this is some unprecedented biz-wax. At times it is beyond me how my art is reaching far and wide. Jason Mainella and I are putting much positive energy into this project. We hope is flows out into all of you and you catch it and let it grow and grow increasingly across the globe.


RevoluTuck Podcast Prank Call Christmas Special 2010

December 25, 2010

Madhouse Live preempted Christmas Special “RevoluTuck Live X-Mas 2010”
Tuck fills in and takes the rains on the night before Christmas Eve, where he makes orders to the wrong kinds of restaurants and postpones Christmas for the UK. (MATURE LANGUAGE is quite possible)


1:13:31 / 33.7 Mb / 64 KBPS / Stereo

4:20 Draw

September 28, 2010

Made a video of my production for the logo of “4:20 Draw”. I hope for it to be a regular ongoing segment for http://www.splifftube.com . Yes I do draw that fast!

Also, A big Thhank You to DWB for having me on his Juggalo Love Line call chit chat show earlier tonight. I hope to see the podcast of it up soon.

Cotton Time Twenty Ten, and other stuff

September 22, 2010

First up take a look at the cotton crop for this year!

UPDATE Part 2.

Also I’m doing a weekly podcast, featuring prank calls and the such on http://www.cactiradio.com

“High Buddies” launch date has been set for November. Jason Mainella with all 50 strips in had in Montreal.

Animation projects are starting too, with Henry Hemp, more on that next time out, when I think to update thais stuff.


RevoluTuck Live Podcast Alpha #2

August 10, 2010

Alpha #02 “The Five Voices of Elvis” Hosted by TuckerMike (Tuck)


50.0Mb / 128 Kbps / 1:49:18/ stereo.

Prank calls by me a lot in this one. And “DaDead Phone Messages”. Still working things out here. A pretty good one, for what it’s worth.

RevoluTuck LIVE Podcast (Alpha#00)

July 26, 2010

RevoluTuck LIVE Podcast (Alpha#00) “Blocked For Harassment”

Hosted by Tucker Mike (Tuck)

61.9Mb / 64Kbps / 2:15:09 / stereo.

[A slight warning regarding feedback at the start of this and some other minor audio difficulties as I scurry around trying to make things like Skype work.]

Saturday night I went to just test out my audio settings and tech stuff, etc.. and it ended up being a wacky 3 hours of “DaDead”, “Carlito” and I. In hour 2 I make the first prank calls that I’ve done in YEARS! It’s just epic loonacy. Drunk DaDead = WIN every time.