I’ve been having a case of the burned out blues lately. To the point that I don’t really want to do much of anything but watch a lot of “Doctor Who” on youtube and tv-links. Although it did prompt me to do some illustration art related to it. This was by request. It’s alright, though I’m not really confident in anything I put out currently.
I’m not sure why I’m so emmersed in Dr. Who suddenly? Granted I liked the 70’s Tom Baker stuff (the dude with the scarf, one), when the old “Sci-Fi Channel” would run it in the mornings, in the early 90’s. I didn’t really pay any attention to it when BBC first brought it back in the first season 2005 revamp. But more and more I would stop and watch it, and I got suckered in to the charm of the show, and the cleverness that the stories have, that other same type of US shows like this, just don’t have. So when I found out that I can watch the current season that the UK is running, I was In. I like the new guy that is playing “The Doctor” now. He feels like the old doc, more then the one before in the black leather and way too short hair ever did to me.
I also love looking threw the classic stuff that I never got a chance to see, especially the black & white stuff from the 60’s . It is hard for an American to comprehend that this series was actually targeted to British kids. The sophistication and even frightfullness of some the things wouldn’t even be considered here in the US, when if comes to kids programing. He we seem to dumb things down for our kids. Boy our education is in the shitter.


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