Elvira pinup, and RIP ‘Ringo

Hi there all. I’m getting some excersise in doing girly pi-ups again. This is a bit too early in the Halloween season, but here is a Elvira for ya. I plan on coloring it up etc, a little on down the road.

Another bit of news is the shock in the comic book and illustration world, was the sudden passing of Mike Wieringo. His work on mainstream comic titles like “Flash”, “Adventures of Superman”, his incredible run on “Fantastic Four”, His fantasy work on “Talos” I can’t ever ever ever forget!, and more recently “Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman”. Gave it all a string yet fun psudo dynamic cartooney style, that actually made me pick up a comic now and then, in an age when browsing over hyped, and depressing mainstream comics is a rarity to bother to pick up. He was kind and incoureging when I would send him the occasional email, or message to his blog.
The chance to meat him face to face is now gone. But his influince will stay with me.

MIKE WIERINGO R.I.P. 1963-2007


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