Classic DOCTOR WHO, Part 2.

Part 2.

William Hartnell at the TARDIS

Spotlight: “The War Machines” (1966)

The later seasons of the first Doctor era, were becoming strained, in luxe of it’s now rising popularity, especially with children. British kids shows would even run promotions for the series. It kinda makes you realize how they “dumb down” the shows targeted at kids in America. Hartnell’s health was starting to become a factor in the production schedule. Regular cast members was becoming a revolving door on the TARDIS as well. Peter Pervis as Steven taking the “Ian” role as the young man doing all the physical work. Different young ladies going in and out during this time also. All this leads up to two young adults joining the Doctor, Ben and Polly, with a hipster attraction that was to reflect the swinging London of the times.
The Dalek’s are now the top of the Dr. Who villains, making sure that they are used during the big ratings push. It is a shame that this story, “The Daleks’ Masterplan” is mostly lost from the BBC archives.
Also the end of this era first introduces the bold fresh concept of “regeneration” to the legend of Doctor Who.

Without Susan, The Doc travels on with Ian and Barbra
picking up strays, like Viki along the way..
The Rescue (1965)
The Romans (1965)
The Space Museum (1965)
The Chase (1965) (look for the Beatles!)

With Ian and Babs now back home, the Doctor keeps the adventure going.

The Time Meddler (1965)

Galaxy 4 (1965)
The Dalek’s Masterplan (1965-1966)
The Gunfighters (1966)

Ben and Polly meet the Doctor, and then the Doc makes an unexpected change…
The War Machines (1966)
The Tenth Planet (1966)


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