Classic DOCTOR WHO, Part 3.

part 3.

doc 2
The 2nd Doctor Wiki

Spotlight “Tomb of The Cybermen”

The Doctor awakens at the top of “Power of the Daleks” to discover that he is now Patrick Troughton.
it was the late 60’s, so the idea of reincarnation to a western audience wasn’t all that far fetched. The risk of a new actor and slightly younger, proved to be successful with the young viewers who marveled at the new “monster era”. The companions, Ben and Polly soon gave way to Jamie a young Scottish bagpipe player in a kilt, and girl assistants Victoria and later Zoe. Not to mention romping threw time and space facing Daleks, Cybermen, Yeti’s, Ice Warriors and Macrras. It’s a fun mod ride in these, To bad many of these episodes are lost, thank ya BBC! So many of these early Troughtions’ are recons, salvaged from existing audio and telesnaps, plus the occasional clips and a few fully recovered chapters.

New adventures
The Power of The Daleks (1966) recon
The Underwater Menace (1966) recon
The Moonbase (1966) recon
The Faceless Ones (1967) recon

Jamie and the Doctor keep it going, meeting Victoria along the way.
The Evil of The Daleks (1967) recon
The Tomb of The Cybermen (1967)
The Abominable Snowmen (1967) recon
The Ice Warriors (1967) recon
The Web of Fear (1967) recon


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