Classic DOCTOR WHO, Part 5

Now in coloUr.

Jon Pertwee

Jon Pertwee

3rd Doctor wiki

Spotlight “The Daemons” (1971)

The Doctor was found guilty of meddling with events in time, by his fellow order of the timelords and was sentenced to exile on earth disabling his ship the TARDIS. He was also forced to once again regenerate his body. Now as Jon Pertwee he is assembled with a who new cast around him as he battles all the outer space nastiness from 20th century earth. An old timelord friend turned foe, “The Master”, shows up in his second season to help reek havoc with the already stressed Doctor, and “U.N.I.T” as special forces kind of task force that works for the British Government.
First assistants Liz Show then Jo Grant, as well as the Brigadier are the staples of these third doctors serials. As well as Roger Delangio as the masterful “Master” who shines brightly in the stories like “The Daemons”.

British intelligence finds a man who might be the man that calls himself “The Doctor”.

Spearhead From Space (1970) info
Dr. Who and The Silurians (1970) info
Infirno (1970) info

The Master AND new girl eye candy Jo Grant give Doc grief.
Terror Of The Antons (1971) info
The Claws of Axos (1971) info
Colony In Space (1971) info
The Daemons (1971) info

The Master makes even more deals with even more dangerous foes.
Day of The Daleks (1972) info
The Curse of Palidin (1972) info
The Sea Devils (1972) info
The Time Monster (1972) info


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