Classic DOCTOR WHO, Part 6


Jon Pertwee and Elisabeth Sladin

Jon Pertwee and Elisabeth Sladin

Spotlight “Planet of The Daleks” (1973)

Spotlight “The Time Warrior (1973)

The later half of the third Doctor era is where things start to look familiar the American audiences one they introduce Pertwee’s next companion, who would soon become the franchises most famous. Sarah Jane Smith joins the cast in the final season of the 3rd doc The new intro begins to have a familiar look as American Who fans that would know it. The Daleks were become more menacing again as well. And the first landmark anniversary is marked at the start of 1973 when the first to incarnations of the Doctor meet the third. “The Three Doctors” answers the question how well does one get along with ones self.

The Doctor celebrates a birthday, and then things get hairy as he and Jo Grant wage war on the Daleks.
The Three Doctors (1973) info
Frontier In Space (1973) info
Planet Of The Daleks (1973) info

The new girl, Sarah Jane Smith, arrives who will soon be the most popular assistant EVER!
The Time Warrior (1973) info
Invasion Of The Dinosaurs (1973) info
Death To The Daleks (1974) info
The Monster Of Peladon (1974) info
Planet Of The Spiders (1974) info

Next time up, the beggining of the 4th Doctor, don’t forget your scarf for this one!


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