er.. ok let me explain…

As an extinction of what I touched on in last weeks “From a Red State Looking Into a Blue World”. One has to realize, that the South as a whole and as a culture is always at least 30 years behind everybody else in North America. We’re just stubborn that way.

Thanks to Madhouse reporter Kokanee for these and to keep reminding me of where I live. Thanks Kok for breaking the fantasy!

Is there an editor in the house? (Or is this OK in Tennessee?)

One reader took at look at “Ode to President Obama” and wrote in the comments section: “Please don’t put this kind of crap in your paper again.” (Poynter Online)

Cop quits after partying with pal dressed in KKK outfit

A rookie police officer has resigned after photos surfaced of him posing at a Halloween costume party with a friend dressed as a Ku Klux Klan member as the men give Nazi-like salutes. (San Francisco Chronicle)

(Oh, I love this one. Texas is more red neck then TN will ever be.)

Texas newspaper doesn’t bother reporting Obama’s victory

“We covered the local commissioner’s race. We thought that was more important,” says the publisher of the Terrell Tribune. (

Texas coach warns players about “dangerous” Facebook

It’s only dangerous when his players post stupid things like, “All the hunters gather up, we have a — in the White House.” (A comments poster says the word used was “coon.”) (Houston Chronicle)

It was only 50 years ago that most of the country wasn’t much different. It take a couple of generations out to really see progress on a grand scale like this. The separate but equal living as just yesterday to many still.


Just a quick mention. I just went downstairs and somebody had one of those Country Music Awards shows on the TV. Who want to bet that that industry will go into the shitter in 2 years?


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5 Responses to “er.. ok let me explain…”

  1. kokanee Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Mike.
    For me, the industry lost face the day a conscious decision was made to not play or endorse any more Johnny Cash on the airwaves. My favorite pic is of Cash flipping the bird to the industry. Sorry, I am on my way to work and don’t have time to get a link to it. If I remember, perhaps I can find it when I get back though.

  2. revolutuck Says:

    That’s a very famous photo. And that music industry is indeed long long dead.

    The one I’m talking about is mearly the current talentless plastic factory of the Bush era. With all of the “I’m gonna kill me an Arab” and “Raisin’ McCanne” anthuims that fulled most of the radio for most of the decade. You know the industry that turned their backs on the “Dixey Chicks” who was making them tones of money and sales, because they called “W.” stupid on stage?
    Watch that all start to wither away.

  3. eric king Says:

    wow! those are some racist view. ” japs-free”.I had forgotten or chose to forget about the racist views that cartoons use to portray not so long ago. thanks for the memories-eric

  4. revolutuck Says:

    I very recently found a WWII era arm issued handbook on how to draw cartoons course.
    Check out the bottom of page 10.

    It was encouraged.

  5. More culture and fun with racism « Revolutuck the blog Says:

    […] More culture and fun with racism By revolutuck Now to continue the discussion from “er.. ok let me explain…”. […]

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