Classic DOCTOR WHO blog, Part 7

Now for the real shit!

Part 1.


sladen_baker_genesis_bbc_400_400x3004th doctor wiki.

Spotlight: “Genesis Of The Daleks”

It’s that time again kiddies to wrap yourself up in your ridiculously long knitted scarf that your grandmaw made ya, and tune into BBC One on a Saturday for Doctor Who. Like you knew him!

So if you recall last time out at the end of “The Planet of the Spiders” Jon Pertwee dies but is regenerated with the help of this Dali Lama looking dude. Now even younger then the Doctor has been portrayed. Tom Baker’s new incarnation is dressed in a big floppy hat and frumpy clothes like a traveling college professor and trademark scarf that will be his calling card from here on out.

Believing the forced exile from the Timelords doesn’t now apply to the renewed version of himself he is eager to hit the road once again, like he did in the good old days. Taking Sarah Jane and third wheel Harry Sullivan. Season 12 turns out to be a very solid season for the new cast and defiantly became a landmark.

“Genesis of The Daleks”
was actually my very first Episode.. That was strangely being picked up from an in-between nearby PBS channel that we normally didn’t get. It could’ve been channel 18 in Oxford, Mississippi. I was 15 and only know of Dr who and the images of Daleks from sci-fi magazines like “Starlog”. So the picture was still bad but the sound that night was clear as a bell. The haunting background noise of the whirling planet of Scaro outside really stuck out for me. As it happens Genesis is one of the greatest Dr. Who stories of all time. It introduces the creator or the Daleks, Davros. He will become and icon of this franchise from here on out.

A quick side note here. New companion Harry was originally written for a Doctor that would be cast as a lot older, going back to the original William Hartnell roots. Harry being another Ian Chesterson type to handle the physical stuff. But the producers switched at the last minute to the younger Baker, and thus made the reason for Harry now redundant.

The new Doctor is revived at his lab at UNIT. And is soon off into the great unknown with sweet sweet Sarah Jane… oh I guess Harry can come along too. Season 12 here in full, for you.

Robot (1974) info.
The Ark in Space (1974-75) info.
The Sontaran Experiment (1975) info.
Genesis Of The Daleks (1975) info.
Revenge Of The Cybermen (1975) info.

Returning back to Earth to find there is yet another crisis, this time in Scotland.
Terror of The Zygons (1975) info.

Oh and while I’m on the subject…

2008 Christmas special preview “The Next Doctor”

Also read as the current Doctor (number 10), David Tennant exits at the end of ’09.


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