Comics that never happened: “Mystical”

I’ve been trudging through the boughs of breaking in comic-dum for a long while now. One of my earliest plunges was working with struggling “publishing companies” that end the end never really went anywhere.

I did a couple of different projects for this one place (I wont name it, I’ll give them that much dignity) I helped develop this one series for their best writer. It was the late 2002-early 2003, and it was going to be based around a young lady goth-wicca teamed up with a straight laced super powered quarterback type guy. These two were to team up in solving a series of murders.

It was called “Mystical”. Here are some pencil pages that I kept scans of. Mind you I did retouch and redrew some heads and things before I sent them off, but never scanned them first. By then things on their end got shaky and so there went the company. I never saw those pages again. I wish I had gotten then returned so I could ink them and print them on my own reworking the story to match the art on my own.


They must’ve been gunning for the up in coming “emo” kids as a fanbase.mysti-005newmysti-008mysti-009I forget his name but she was called “Mysti”.



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