Green Lantern attempted

On last nights show, I was asked the basic ins and outs of the DC comic book superhero “The Green Lantern”. And if anyone who knows.. it’s a very confusing thing to explain to a novice.


And to be honest it’s very convoluted and really no reason for it. Just to go and show you what happens with thousands of writers and editors can do with one property over a 60 year history.

The Original Golden Age GL

122833883986*deep breath*
Alan Scott was a train engineer who later became a radio engineer before World War II. While in a train there was an accident and he was the only one left alive. He found a green workman’s lantern which explained that it had a mystical past and connections to something known as the Starheart. It would flare three times and each time give death, life, or power. This was the third time it flared and as Alan Scott was pure in heart and noble in spirit it bestowed him with great power. Carving a small ring from the metal of the lantern he could create objects of light with his will after recharging the ring with energy from the lantern. Because the light was so powerful but not an actual lantern his ring had no effect on wood as normal lanterns would. He would recite the following oath when charging his ring:
“And I shall shed my light over dark evil,
For the dark things cannot stand the light,
the light of the Green Lantern!”
He designed himself a costume and defended Gotham City as the Green Lantern, eventually joining the Justice Society of America. He often fought Solomon Grundy. Scott became romantically involved with the supervillianess the Thorn who would bare two children Todd and Jennifer. They would grow up to be Obsidian and Jade, respectively.
Scott retired from heroics early after an investigation from the House UnAmerican Activities Committee but was called back into action to aid a new Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, from the threat of Kronos.
Alan Scott later resumed superheroics and again became part of the Justice Society of America where he serves to this day.



Hal Jorden was this Air Force test Pilot. He runs across this dying alien dude that tells him he is this guardian of Earth and this regin of the Galixy. He is dyeing but give Hal his ring of power before he kicks it. Soon Hal discovers that he is now the next “Green Lanturn” of Earth.

This was covered nicely in newest Justice Leauge feature the WB studio put out.

“The Green Lanturn Corps” is an intersteller orginazation to police the known galaxy. It is governed by a god like race of aliand called “The Guardians” who all look the same with red skin and are little Ompa Lumpa looking midgets, with big heads. There are thousands of “Green Lanterns” all over the place, one assigned to each region of space. the rings that give then this power come from one great energy at the center of ther Galaxy where the Green Lantern Corps HQ lives. The use power lanters that charge up there rings like a cell phone.

Hal has quit or as been fired from being the Green Lantern,  A LOT! So he gets replaced by a hand full of other dudes. Guy Gurardner, Jon Stewart, etc, are replacements at one time or another who have been members of the Justice Leauge in their own right. (see pic above.) At one point he even absorbed all the power from the Guardians source of power and turned into an evil god like villian “Parallax” that destroyed different paralell universes, and was thought killed by the entire roster of the DC Universe.


But now all is good with everybody and he’s pretty much been reinstated.. or something.. and all the other earth dude GL’s are part of the Corps too, so is the Original Alan Scott and they all team up, etc.. There are also a few hot alien GL’s too… So um yeah see still confusing as shit.. there in the end is the whole trouble. So don’t ask me again… I have a headache now……


Looks like there is a movie in the works too…


2 Responses to “Green Lantern attempted”

  1. Ganthet Says:

    I’ve always liked the Golden Age GL, myself. He’s more ‘down to Earth” than the modern GL

  2. kokanee Says:

    I remember the Green Lantern being brought up in conversation on last thurs night. I did not remember this character until going through this post just now. This stuff was out when I was a kid and I had long forgotten about it!

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