A visit from the Tribe!

100_1021-1Tequila Joe’s in Jackson housed the big show with Muck Sticky and local favorite Taco & Da Mofo’s on Jan. 2 2009. I took my reclusive non ass out there and had my first person to person meeting with Muck and the Sticky Tribe.


Momma Sticky, Wood, Muck and even Cookie, really made me feel like they were more excited to meet me, even more then I was to meet them. It is true everyone is crazy over the “Stay Lifted” comic. Muck and I know that we have to get out gears in gear and go back to work on producing more as soon as possible. The out pouring of the feedback in the past few days has been amazing!

100_1036-1I guess everybody got the psychic memo to wear black. Look Cookie is their biggest fan!


The good times crunk could be right down and dirty.


All kinds of MoFo’s are jamming out to the tribe last night.


A lot of the good vibes were going around.


Then it gets really ripped up by way of Taco!!!


And Da Mofo’s!!!!


Keep it crispy.. ToooDaaaLooo!


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