Mary Jane and Sniffles

402-1Wow! what a great image I came across! It’s an actual cover for a kids comic from the 1950’s


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3 Responses to “Mary Jane and Sniffles”

  1. P. Gunderson Says:

    “First I close my eyes real tight,
    Then I wish with all my might.
    Magic words of Poof-Poof Piffles,
    Make me just as small as Sniffles.”

    Mary Jane would utter these words and immediately become the same size as her best friend, a Mouse named Sniffles. Once she “got small” the two would have a lovely or exciting adventure. The incantation always worked for Mary Jane — never for me! LOVED those comics but they weren’t as easy to come by as Donald Duck or Bugs Bunny. Very special.

  2. revolutuck Says:

    I just liked that cover..
    I know that Sniffles was a WB toon.

    Although. I see a lot of double meanings in it. Mind you I realize it was meant as a very innocent thing when done.. but still with grown up 21st Century eyes.. “Mary Jane” a bump of some “sniffles” and some shroom tea.. now that’s a party!

  3. V.E.G. Says:

    By the way, (no joke) Mary Jane does magic spells! She is doing just like Bewitched with Elizabeth Montgomery!

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