random thunks and thoughts

Hey folks.  I’m  jumpin’ on in here to give you some insight on what’s been going over here at Revolutuck Studios. Most of the past week was bogged down in making the second “Stay Lifted” cartoon for Muck Sticky. These do take a lot of time to produce, for me. Mostly the coloring takes up the most of it. But color for this particular series is worth it. The feedback has been incredible. I should see the comments I get that are not posted here, for both of them. I’m currently racking my brain for the next one. I want to get that one out in the next few weeks. Three is the magic number, right?.. right! Then we shall see where we are and work out a system to keep these things in production on a regular and ongoing basis. That is if all of y’all demand that Muck and I do that … among other things we are working on.

It’s been cold in here no central heating, you understand, so most of the time it has been Snowflake my long haired solid white cat, that gets to come in on the freezing cold days. She is snug on my lap aiding to keep me warm along with an electric blanket, cloth gloves and stocking cap and the space heater. A hot drink in my hand and visible breath puffing out of me, should help your visual in this situation, as well.

The Obama thing went on here as well, it’s a big deal of course. I will say alot of things went through my mind. Among them were thing like my late grandparents P. O. V.  whom y’all can guess would not support such an event, that we saw on Tuesday. In fact, is was a paranoid nightmare of my step grand mothers. But saying that, she was a Charlie Pride fan…..

Late the other night, I came across this on VH1 Classics, and I realized I’ve never actually seen this, apart from the occasional clip here and there in rockdocs and things..

I wanna be a D.A. Pennybaker type filmaker too!

I’m also a big fan of youtube dr. who tribute vids, (as some of you already know.) One cat Bablecolour produces some of the best stuff out there. This is his little tip of the hat to recons, that many fans do using material from lost episodes from the 1960’s. This is his stab from “Marco Polo” from the very first season one. 45 years ago.

Back with more Tom Baker DW coming up here soon!


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