The 11th Doctor

I guess not paying attention to things, and being over here in the US, this news is already a few weeks old. The BBC has announced their new Doctor Who for the upcoming 2010 season.
David Tennant will regenerate into 26 year old emo boy, Matt Smith. It’s a new era for us all it appears, don’t it?


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3 Responses to “The 11th Doctor”

  1. Raolin Says:

    Yeah I was following the news about who it was gonna be then saw this guy. You hit it with the emo bit. Seariously, WTF is up with that hair. I thought Tennant was the best Doctor since Tom Baker and kinda erked he’s taking off.

  2. revolutuck Says:

    Yeah, but hey.. Who’s to say, this may just be a great new era for DW???? hmm???? humm???? …..

  3. stephanie Says:

    i love david tennant he was the best doctor EVER im so upset that he has gone 😥 x
    i hate that stupid new one yuck his hair and his chin EWWWWWW
    i will watch the first one and if i hate it (which i might) then im never watching it.
    ill just go backk to myy dvds of david tennant as doctor :DD

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