Opening doors

hey there… yeah been slow to update and post thing over on here. Again……

I’ll just say that I’ve been to busy being “Mike Tucker,” that I’ve not had the time to pretend being “Mike Tucker.”  OK, that does sound crazy and a bit pretentious. Let me go at this another angle.. 2009 has set out for me to be REALLY productive, and in turn receive the kind of attention from the outside. I guess you could look at it as a shinny new optimistic “Jetsons” like future world. Beginning here.

Demands for my art and designing from other up and coming talented people, is the basis for allowing one of my shut doors of life to final jar itself open. … ok, talking crazy again….

“Chief Greenbud” is re-releasing his first CD. I was asked to help in revamping the packaging. With new logos, liner notes, and so on that goes into designing a CD.


I’ve done CD’s in the past, but this maybe the first where is was fully laid out by me in over 10 years. OMG, the first time I did that for a local music producer, was a NIGHTMARE!!
I’m also in charge of putting together the second CD for him now. Preliminary work for that, has already begun.

Muck’s new one will be happening soon, as well. There will be another “Stay Lifted” comic soon also.

As well as something else…………. that I don’t think I can disclose to y’all yet. But trust me….. It’s going to be something amazing! (Don’t you hate when people tell you, that they can’t tell you??)

I’m still hanging out with Carlito and everybody, on Thursday nights via Team Speak. Zolar, of “Zolar Vision”, showed up to his studio, last night. He might be known to you as a crazy caller from the “Howard Stern Show”. I think he got booted out of Carlito’s neighborhood complex, by security, for being so loud. Regardless, it’s soon to be up in the podcast archives.

That show will be going into hiatius in May. I’ve yet to determine what will happen with everything for all of us, after that.

March 6th, I’ll be out once again at “Tequila Joe’s” as “Muck Sticky” and “Taco & Da Mofo’s” hit the stage in Jackson one more time. “Chief Greenbud” will be there as well, this time out. so yeah if you’re local to me, come on out.

Ok, so yeah.. and this isn’t even everything… But for those that are interested, the farm is still in winter but getting our buttercups that are always the first thing to spring up. I’m really back logged too on outdoor pix. Umm… will look into updating you with that in future posts too.

Oh More Classic DW on the way folks!

ok.. later on!


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