Classic DOCTOR WHO, Part 11

Swan Song



Spotlight: “The E-Space Trilogy” (1980)

Spotlight: “Logopolos” (1981)

Season 18 marks the swan song season for The Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. I was also the first year for new producer JNT. John Nathen-Turner was determined to bring the ledgendry franchise into the sparkling new 1980’s. A new adaption to the Ron Granger theme, and new revolutionary style of intro. The red superhero like costume for the Doctor, with that gay “?” on it. The E-Space story arc and the Master’s return.

This is the ticking clock to the countdown of the final day of the fourth doctors 7 year raine on television. It’s the Doctor that we as Americans really knew. It’s the one that’s the most celebrated. As K-9 and Romana exit, Adric, Tegan and Nyssa, will be established as TARDIS crew when thing pick up again with a new regeneration in ’82.


Season Eighteen – 1980-81

The Leisure Hive

The E-Space Trilogy
Full Circle
State of Decay
Warriors’ Gate

The Keeper of Traken


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