A few things…..

Hey folks, a couple of different items for you to check out this time around.

Firstly check out “Henry Hemp” @ http://www.henryhemp.com. And help spread the positive message about the hemp plant and reform in this country.


Ok.. I was asked what that gif was from, in the last post.

So here y’all go…

“The Crazy Frog Brothers”

Also I don’t think Madhouselive.com has a show tonight.


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2 Responses to “A few things…..”

  1. Henry Hemp Says:

    Thanks for all the support!

    Chief Green Bud and Muck Sticky are Some of the coolest Out of Town super stars I’ve kicked it with in Hollywood….

    Check out Muck sticky’s MTV show May 1st and Chief Green buds new CD!

    One Love!

    Your Friend,

    Henry Hemp!

  2. Henry Hemp Says:

    Once again thanks for the support and spreading the vids..and Yes My friends take it all with a grain of salt I do not edit my videos and not necessarily agree with all views portrayed in these videos!

    Hemp the Planet and Free the World!

    “One Love”

    Henry Hemp

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