PickTure Takin’

To get me head into another frame of mind. I went out drivin’ around the area out here in rural West Tennessee, where I live. I’ve been cooped up in the stufio for way to long, ya know?

Jimmy Wells Gro. You can get a little of anything here….




In the vain of Sean Ward, a lot of these can be generic band album covers…




Next up was “Garnertown” A lot more rougher area..


These are at a run down race car dirt track.. it’s just up the hill from me. And durring the seasons ot was acrive I could hear all the action.. VERY WELL!! .. allll night long!!!….




An abandoned old country store .. excelent movie local..


And look there’s even a little lake right behind it!


A big German shepperd was not fond of my pressence so got on out of there.

It got even more hairy when I took these at a red neck dive bar… That was next to this old little Barber shop….


A old drunk came out all parinoid that I was takin’ pix (at a public place no doubt)

“whatca doin??” I first hurried back in the car.. thinking he was looking for a hand out.. as old sad drunks tend to do.. “they don’ like just any one takin’ pictures without permission” . I gave them some bullshit about how my dad used to go there to have his hair cut.. blah blah blah.. and got the golly fuck outta there!

I guess There were scared that thier little shit hole bar was going to end up on somebodies internet blog and be exposed… oh well …




4 Responses to “PickTure Takin’”

  1. CGB Says:

    Great pics Mike !!

  2. Spyder Says:

    killer shots bro…LOL @ the disgrunteled drunken red neck…glad u made it back bro@!!! ;P

  3. kokanee Says:

    I know that I promised to send some pics to you, but I have never gotten around to it yet. My apologies. I think these are great. I will try harder to fire some in your direction.

  4. Josie Says:

    These pix bring back nice memories-Tanx :)I think that Wells mart will be the last building standing at the end of time

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