WIIZZAAARRRDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (wip)

Ok, third day in taking a break for working, caused me to get very board…. So back to the makin’ mill I go!
One personal project pieces that’s been hanging over me for quite a while now has been to do a cool trippy wizard illo.. Psychedelic rock poster kind of thing. So going through my sketch books I’ve cobbled together the beginning of it.

wiz-tucker-inkThis is the basic line work, thus far.. I still have alot of elements left to go before I even begin to color.

I’ll try to keep you kids updated..

Later on!

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4 Responses to “WIIZZAAARRRDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (wip)”

  1. Sean Says:


  2. Sean Says:

    what are you going to do with him?

  3. revolutuck Says:

    Dunno.. right now he’s just “Rock Poster Wizard”.

  4. Spyder Says:

    bad ass bro!

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