Epic or Epic Fail?

Your thoughts? It’s supposed to be for a band cd cover..I just dunno yet..



I’m feeling better about this now….



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4 Responses to “Epic or Epic Fail?”

  1. Sue R Says:

    Read your Blog Pretty regular. Very interesting a little disturbing, but thats not bad. The title doesn’t seem to sit quite right but it would surely make me pick it up!

    Best of luck guy!

    Keep the good stuff re: THE Doctor coming!

  2. revolutuck Says:

    Thanks Sue, It’s good to know people are letting me know that they come to this blog.
    The art.. I’m still tweaking it in my head.. and I’m not really happy with that title placement either,

    And guess what’s actually coming up next?

  3. StrangeCandyGuy Says:

    Hey, not to burst your bubble or anything, because it is a good idea, but there already is a band named Strange Candy. They even have an album on iTunes.

    • revolutuck Says:

      It’s cool, I never even had a bubble to burst. This went unused because the local band went with “Rebel Yell” instead.

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