Recap and Intropection

I’m fighting with myself about just how much I should share with what goes on off the interweb here. you know the privite life that has nothing to do this the art or the things related to it. You people like the farm photos, but I ponder with how I should make public when it comes to family events like birthdays, graduations, holidays and the so on. A lot of that has been going on that has divided my attention the past week or so. I make a picture journal, with the intent of how I’d present it in a blog entry at the time. Yet… I catch myself that I don’t want to pull my family and privite life into the blogs of your.. that nobody will find interest in anyway. Everybody’s facebook and twitter account is bad enough. I get a little parinoid too.

Bottom line is, I want to keep this site focused on the public art and this buisiness goings on. I should keep the personal relationship drama out?
Am I shooting myself in the foot by even bringing it up her in the first place? .. yes..

There are things bubbling art wise.. though alot of crazy stuff, I’m not yet ready to reveal yet. I mean it’s all good . And do find myself putting it ahead of everybody else to a point. I’ve always been that way.

Anyhoo.. enjoy the fun videos.. the comics.. the Dr. Who and other crazy art and country pix.. ok?… cool! laters on!


One Response to “Recap and Intropection”

  1. SARAH Says:

    Hey, well, maybe i could see just one birthday pic? 🙂


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