The randomizer, go …

Hi all hows everything with ya? First off been kinda on the bizzy side again with art commisions and such.

I want to give an official shout to our Thursday Night internet radio host, Carlito, who is out in PA, getting himself permmently branded to his love Athena.


“CGB” sent me this interesting link, looks like somebody is searching for their “look”.


I got hip to this last night, I use to be big on listening to the old “This American Life” Public Radio series. When they changed this around it wasn’t a easy to go and listen off their site as it was to just dl the m3u onto my “Real Player”. So now here is a cheat to get all of them from the site server.. “Arrrrg!”

This American Life


Once upon a time, you could download old episodes of This American Life by grabbing MP3 file locations from the M3U files posted on their website. The MP3 files lived here:

But that stopped working.

And these days, though you can still listen to TAL archives, downloading them has become a bit trickier because the shows are hidden behind a flash player. But, that flash player is still pointing to an actual downloadable MP3, and Christopher Soghoian has figured out where they live:

Come on… that directory structure is pretty hilarious.

Replace SHOWNUMBER with the episode number (338 for example), and you’re good to go.


Here’s the episode guide to help you.


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