Local unity is universal

This is a great spoof local tv style commercial….

These are some examples of actual commercials that can be found on Memphis, Tennessee TV.

More ‘Mo Money Taxes!



Oh damn!! I stumbled across a batch of this kind of great stuff!! If we were too sick to go off the church on Sunday mornings we could watch this… sometimes I’d fake it

“Dick Williams’ Magicland”!!!!! A local Memphis kids show it played a lot of rarely seen cartoons and classic tv episodes like Adam West ‘Batman’, ‘Flipper’. with a little magic show in between. It had the the distinction of being the longest running ever kids show of it’s kind..

Dick was also one of the local TV 5 Newsmen.


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2 Responses to “Local unity is universal”

  1. Sean Says:

    OH my god…. I wanna do a video witht he Mo’ Money Taxes guys!!!! Fuuuuuccckk……

  2. Dat Time Fo Mo! « Revolutuck the blog Says:

    […] ‘Mo HERE! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Local unity is universalKings of […]

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