Kings of Memphis

This is part 2 of what I started in the post below. Local Memphis tv in the ’80’s was a ‘Magicland’ all it’s own. WMC-TV 5 The NBC affiliate station primarlly. namely being it produced many of the powerhouse shows that made the flavor of Memphis stand out on its own, with nothing else ANYWHERE else coming close to it. This is where the Memphis “Championship Wrestleing” was made. It was saw over by it’s star Jerry ‘The King” Lawler. This is where the modern WWE got a lot of it’s style.

In the 80’s  they were doing thier own take on the Mtv music video buzz. using the local music studios that they had at their fingertips. This is low budget charm at it’s finest, fer sure!

Most of these come to us from Jerry’s on-the-side talk show on Sunday Mornings…

Jesus!!  there is just so much stuff I could cover, no way I can.. just a lot of great stuff. The is all pre Vince Macman too.. you can see what all he stole for himself in a lot of the rare footage. Go discover it fer yourself!


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