Who are these Faries?

Hey gang I’ve returned a little prematurely from my scheduled visit in Memphis. I took a ride back after the big Muck Sticky and Co., New Daisy bash. I will get all of that together for you soon.


Until that time We were all blown away by this little unknown Little Rock, Ark. comedy, rock, trippy, punk band “Flameing Daeth Fearies”


It’s a little hard to see the fairy wings on the bands backs.



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3 Responses to “Who are these Faries?”

  1. Flameing Daeth Fearies Says:

    Holy Crap! Those guys look just like us! I don’t know who these Feary guys think they are, but RETRIBUTION is comin’ down the road! And it’s aimed at them! They look silly too. But I’m sure that they are glad to have played at the New Daisy with Muck Sticky and all the other pimpin’ bands there. Grr. Where were we?


  2. revolutuck Says:

    I since I may have misspelled something, somewhere?

  3. Goin’ Down to Mempho’, part 3 « Revolutuck the blog Says:

    […] introduced to “FDF”. Muck is insisting everybody come out in front of the stage, we will not regret it! … we […]

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