Goin’ Down to Mempho’, part 3


I’ve never seen that shirt look better!!

100_2066-1Here we are right outside in front of the New Daisy Theatre on Beale St. downtown Memphis, TN. That is Suzie, girlfriend of friend Spyder, who was my guide out to the show.

100_2070-1And right at the backstage door Spyder (in white) and I find Chief Greenbud there in the tie-dye…


Holy crap what’s Taco doing here? Soon I’ll discover many unscheduled guests will appear as the night progresses.


I’m already hearing a lot of “Hey it’s ‘TuckerMike’“, as I make my way inside, how crazy is that?


Oh hey look, it’s what’s his face that does that thingy-thing!


I got to spend some time, also, with Lil’ HollyWood seen here with his buddy Mike.


I’m introduced to “FDF”. Muck is insisting everybody come out in front of the stage, we will not regret it! … we didn’t regret it!



ok looks like Chief is coming up onto the stage next. so we’ll have to close this segment for next time here on “RovoluTuck”.


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