Goin’ Down to Mempho’, part 4

Howdy folks! Tuck here, with you again reporting to you this time from the infamous “red room” that is backstage at the ledgendary “New Daisy theater” In Memphis, TN.


And we take you to Chief Greenbud already on the stage….100_2124-1

Somebody hands Chief a new pair of “CGB” sunglasses while on stage…


The Chief gives us a message… I bet you can guess what that message is?

100_2274-1Go to www.chiefgreenbud.com and go get all the CDs and shirts at the store!

100_2266-1Say hello Toni!


oop! Hollywood just walked out on stage with Lil White, a suprise guest!!!!!!!!.. ok.. I’ll get with y’all again in a bit!


This was all a part of Taco & Da Mofos’ rap set. Is this a carrier change?


I have my first Cookie sighting!


Direct from LA comes “Blacklist Union”!


They got this dark version of “Jane’s Addiction” vibe happening here.. pretty neat, actually. Real pros!!

Hey I see H-Wood peeping at me, up front at the bar.. so. make sure you come back for next time!



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2 Responses to “Goin’ Down to Mempho’, part 4”

  1. seanward Says:

    Looks like a party and a half!

  2. revolutuck Says:

    Dude that’s just quarter!

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