Piano, The

The 800 lb gorilla that is our antique 1836-ish-ness, baby grand piano that has been stuck on our front porch, has now been moved back into it’s room.100_2289-1“Peters, Gragg & Co.” c.1836 baby grand, 4 leg for all you music snobs..100_2288-1

When we had to replace the floor of the front parlor it was a big ordeal to get it out. The the headache of when we could get it back inside loomed over us. As it was covered and stuck on the porch for this long of a time.100_2292-1

The real piano moving experts show up, and examine the situation.100_2287-1Hell, we’ll just remove unscrew the wooden legs. Dern, I wish  knew to do that!100_2297-1

That’ll make her fit!100_2299-1100_2306-1

The gentelmanly, piano man was practically salivating over this thing, dreaming he could restore the piano.100_2314-1Maybe one day we can afford for him to get to do it!



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3 Responses to “Piano, The”

  1. seanward Says:

    Holy shit! is that thing in tune???

  2. revolutuck Says:

    Golly no!
    It hasn’t been since I’ve been alive! But the man told us it wouldn’t take a lot to go in and make it playable again.

  3. josie Says:


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