The RevoluTuck “How-to of Evil” !!

satan-how-toHello my children of darkness! Some have approached me in wanting to learn the black secrets of a few of the back magick that I use to conjour in order to produce my some would say satanic masterpieces. And now you too, can the a sorcerer of evil.. Just like Unckill Tuck!
(The same techniques can be used using a sunlight window, btw)



Fashioned by the hands of demon slaves and the varnished my the tears of 13 virgin children just before they are thrown, as sacrifice, into the bottomless pit of the dark angel Gilgamesh…100_2323-1It has a small Florissant light installed at the bottom of this wooden box. The top lid is Plexiglas that is what is used for storm windows….. of evil!!!100_2325-1Secure your rough sketch or fully penciled art onto the top of the lid. taping it down. Recite the 4th chapter in the “Necronomacon”.. (I’m sure you always have it handy).100_2327-1Add a new sheet of art board on top of your drawing.. the tape that down as well. repeat your chant.100_2328-1Drape your sancutary to cut out the light as best you can… put on some “Electric Wizard”.100_2329-1Holding out my hands over the box, I utter the sacred phrase “AXUQEPHEXUUARGH-ANANNAKACHHH” and thus the box is illuminated with light……………….. oh, and I make sure that the lamp inside is plugged in…100_2330-1Using the sketch underneath I then ink on the fresh paper that is taped on the top.100_2331-1I use archival-ink markers.. felt tip “Faber-Castell” brush tips and assorted other tips for more need finer arias. (I think I did this whole thing with just the brush marker…. that’s only because I sold my soul many years ago.)100_2336-1Scan to computer. My current formula is 6ooDPI in greyscale mode. Then cast it into a application like Photoshop.100_2338-1adjust levels to make the inked lines crisp.. but not go all the way to make it fully pixelated.. I then clean up any lines I don’t need. and any black areas I need to fill in better.100_2339-1When I prepare the file for saving I’ll duplicate the background layer then turn it “off. (If I want to color this later, I can make the duplicated layer to either “darken” or “multiply” and add a fresh layer underneath it to begin flat colors.)

Ok, so now I want to add another element to this piece.. she should have fire around her.. yes? So I take the original art back the the damed light box.100_2332-1add a fresh sheet on top, like I did on the steps above. 100_2333-1Drawing the fire, on the separate sheet, so it doesn’t touch the original art that is under it. (for demonstration I’m just free drawing with my ink marker again.. If I wanted more accuracy I would probably use pencil first.. Then ink that, in steps seen above.)100_2334-1Take and scan like I did with the first one.100_2340-1Drag the newly duplicated layer from your fire art over into the devil girl file. Turn that layer to “multiply” it will become transparent and the underneath layer will become visible.. see, black majick!!!100_2341-1Lastly, I erased lines from the selected devil girl layer to let the fire be appear to be in front of her. (I could have added an layer in between the two and filled the flame in white to achieve the same result.) I then ferge the layers together and There is one finished inked devil girl art. (see at the top!)



2 Responses to “The RevoluTuck “How-to of Evil” !!”

  1. seanward Says:

    oh no, this is evil! you are a warlock!!

  2. Tucker Mike Says:

    … There you go putting labels on everybody…

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