P5 Tokyo: It Is The Happy Cool!

In Stereo Sound.

Looking back in re-exploring some of my more selfish pleasures in music form the mid-late 1990’s. One such was “Pizzicato Five”. P5 was a breakout outfit from Japan that manged to make a splash here in the N. America. Mod J-Pop deejay dance, jazzy, r&b, happy music. Sampling a lot of US records fronted my a model like singer. Maki Nomiya and Yasuharu Konishi.


P5 Wikipedia.

So what if 60 percent was in Japanese, it really doesn’t matter when you’re jamming out to the beats.


So there was a moment in time where there was gonna be a lounge dance trippy group and we had a front Japanese girl singer.. called something like “Akira’s Atomic Lounge”…. but alas.. didn’t happen.. we never cut a demo or anything either… oh wellz, more P5 videos….



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