Cannabis Planet

If you have access to LA local TV tonight, premiers the first 2 episodes of “Cannabis Planet”. KJLA 11:30 PM. As well as online for all the rest of us.

cannabisposter copy

regular visiters start getting used to me talking about this show in the coming future.

(Oh and can old fellow prank call fans reconize a name in the poster?)

((speaking of prank calls.. Madhouse Radio is currently down I’ll explain later..))


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3 Responses to “Cannabis Planet”

  1. Henry Hemp Says:

    What a new great show..Time someone has stepped up and put something like this on the air!

    “One Love”

    Mike Tucker Henry Hemp cartoon coming soon!

  2. Rosheen Says:


    I am so grateful for your awesome show! It’s aboout time!!!

    Can you let me know what information you have on any potential risks (if any) of smoking marijuana while pregnant? My friend smoked marijuana with all three of her kids, and they were all fine and very intelligent. A the same time, I know someone else who smoked to alleviate morning sickness with her child. If it weren’t for smoking marijuana while pregnant, she honestly believes she would have lost the baby due to dehydration and malnutrition.

    I think it would be awesome if you could do a show that shows the benefits/risks (if any) of smoking while pregnant. If you are unable to do a show, can you at least follow up to let me knoiw if there are any known risks?

    Thank you so much!!


    Rosheen Shinske

  3. MaryJane Says:


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