Beatle Day, Part Zwei

I was obsessed by the technical aspect of The Beatles albums by the time I was a Senior in High School.. It primarily over took any other interest I had. Mostly I was fascinated on how they produced the “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album. I would fend over any bit of info I could find in a book, or documentary on that subject. This was in the late 1980’s too, so Anthology hadn’t came out yet. I’d just draw Beatles stuff.. I even created a alternate world Beatles band… like I said I was a bit crazy. I could care less about school by that point either.


So looking at the demos on youtube of the Rock Band game.. this EXACTLY what I would have wanted to see!.. the studio and equipment is beyond accurate.. as is dress and even character attitude.. shit, It’s amazing to see other people even more obsessed then I was, into making this thing look right. Only 20 years later do I get to see this but hey whatever, right?

Bonus RevoluTuck point to MST3Claye for posting above vid on thisĀ  facebook.

And we gotta have “Revolution” on here too, yeah?


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