The Dusty post

Going back to explore the uniqueness of This time out the strange charm of

The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon

Street conversation, soundbyte insertion, vinyl exhumation, observation… The Dusty Show! Hosted by journeyman broadcaster Clay Pigeon.

This is hard to explain as for one it’s part music show and part host personality.. interviewing mostly people he comes across on the street with his cassette tape recorder. Clay seames to be in his 50’s a bit nerve shot.. yet very engaging. produces his hour show all on casset tape that is played in the studio for broadcast. I’m amazed at the cut and past creativeness that he exicutes in these segment, and the passion for what he is putting into his.. I want to say “art”.

Discovering this show for the first time was a total “WTF”. A creepy yet soothing at the same time voice that is coming out of a old fasioned hand held tape recorder, that I had wen I was a little kid faking wrestleing matches with my brother. And the cut and pause craftmanship of a duo-deck tape player.. that I would use a lot before Audacity.

Dusty 360 – 60 Songs In 60 Minutes

November 6, 2008: ELECTION NIGHT SPECIAL 2008 | See the playlist | Listen: RealAudio | // Pop‑up player!

October 31, 2005: The Dusty Show – Halloween 2005 | See the playlist | Listen: RealAudio

The live segments however are my god so compelling, how he fuddles around in the studio with the live mic, and how the people in the office try to help the panic stricken gentleman.

March 5, 2009: Week 1 of the 2009 WFMU Marathon with co-host Therese | Listen: RealAudio | // Pop‑up player!


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