HIGH BUDDIES Soon to come!

Here you go kids! It’s your exclusive preview of the up coming, stonerĀ  web comic strip seriesĀ  “High Buddies”. Presented by Jason Mainella and Mike Tucker (hey that’s me!).

We have already sold the strip for print to SWAGG Magazine, urban lifestyle culture publication. Soon to feature guest stars, so be on the look out!


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4 Responses to “HIGH BUDDIES Soon to come!”

  1. Henry Hemp Says:

    HIGH BUDDIES, Hows it going. Henry Hemp here to say Love what you Buddies are doing, Keeping it real on the good shit and recreational part of getting high with the herb! Hope you will mention to your fans that we the people should hemp the planet to!

    “One Love”

    Henry Hemp

  2. Chief Greenbud Says:

    Love it Mike !!

  3. Tucker Mike Says:

    thanks guys! yes “HH” there will be plenty of interlaid “Hemp the Planet” messages, not to worry!

  4. Sean Says:

    Hahahahahahaha!! That is so cool!!

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