I heard from Mellisa Balin again, the Jack Herer short film is just .. OMG … all kinds of stuff.. here read about it below!

Hello, everyone!  Happy New Year!  I hope this finds you all healthy, wealthy & wise, looking forward to the new decade, which will bring about the Liberation of Hemp!

Thanks for your support in 2009 to continue Jack’s lifelong message even in the face of his serious heart attack, struggling recovery, and disturbing legal brouhaha.  Much gratitude to you all for donating your time, resources, advice, positive energy- and for embracing an outspoken Hollywood filmmaker/weekend activist into this Alice In Wonderland style cast of characters united for a mutual cause to save our planet.  I am honored and proud to know each of you special Freedom Fighters and hope that we can count on your continued support throughout 2010.  An Extra Special Thanks to a few of our many wonderful sponsors who went well above and beyond to make sure that I would personally be able to represent the movie in both Amsterdam & Vienna – Advanced Nutrients, Apothecary Travel, and Green House Seed Co.

Here is a quick update on some of the good news surrounding the Jack Herer’s Emperor Wears No Clothes documentary:

The European Premiere at the 22nd High Times Cannabis Cup played to a packed house and was followed by an inspiring Call To Action Q&A with yours truly & Cast members Los Marijuanos, Arjan Roskam, Rochelle Balin & Rick Simpson!  Not only was a High Time had by all- but we also filmed moving tributes with international personalities & activists sharing memories on-camera of Jack and how his “Hemp Bible” has influenced their views on Hemp.  Check out our Hemp Can Save The Planet Blog at http://HempCanSaveThePlanet.blogspot.com where there is already some exclusive ApothecaryTV footage up from the Green House / Apothecary Party at the Melkweg, featuring live musical performances from Los Marijuanos, Funky Jah Punkys & Slightly Stoopid, as well as some nice tributes to Jack Herer.

Coming soon, you can expect to see some great Hemp Can Save The Planet video clips from WammFest in Santa Cruz, the Hemp Is Medicine Tour in The Czech Republic with Rick Simpson & Dr. Lumir Hanus, the 22nd High Times Cannabis Cup Premiere & exclusive interviews in Amsterdam, and the Cultiva Expo in Vienna!

Our Facebook Group, Hemp Can Save The Planet, already has over 1,100 members!  Please join, post in the Discussion Boards and forward to all your friends:

For those of you in the Los Angeles area, there will be a Special Screening of Jack Herer’s Emperor Wears No Clothes short doc at the Medical Marijuana Educational Expo (http://www.medicalmarijuanaeducationalexpo.com) Social Networking Event this Saturday, January 16th at 8pm in the LA Convention Center Theatre Room.  There will be a Cast & Crew Q&A, followed by musical peformances by the film’s composer, DJ Dre Ghost, along with other marijuana theme songs presented by Spoken Word & Rhyme artist SAHJKHIA lyricist extraordinaire! & D.i.r.t.y.D.

Complimentary Beer, Wine & Soda will be served 9 -11PM at the Social Event!

Tickets for the Social Networking Event can be purchased separately ONLINE for $30 or $50 at the door.  Purchase online at: https://www.ticketinspector.com/festivals-new/1/ticket-order.asp?id=178

We have gratefully accepted Marco Renda’s generous offer to showcase the doc & host a Call To Action Panel Discussion in Toronto at the Treating Yourself Medical Marijuana & Hemp Expo (http://www.medicalmarijuana-hempexpo.com/) from July 16-18, 2010 and will have updates soon regarding our presence at Spannabis in February in Barcelona and the THC Expose in Los Angeles in April.  We are receiving communications from around the world wanting to include the important doc in educational platforms globally, and are even working on setting up a private screening to enlighten members of the U.S. Congress!

If all goes according to plan, the Hemp Hemp Hooray Soundtrack of Music From & Inspired by Jack Herer’s The Emperor Wears No Clothes will be launched during the SXSW Film & Music Festival in Austin, Texas in March, so please forward me any serious artists that would like to donate an appropriate track to be included, as 100% of the proceeds are being donated to the movie, movement and recovery of Jack Herer.

Lastly, I am sad to say, that while Jack’s message is flourishing, his health is not.  He is still trying to speak and does not seem to have given up, but he has been without his Hemp medicine for over a month and surrounded by a debilitating and bizarre custody battle.  Many of us, have been unsure of how to help, while crazy rumors and even crazier true stories have been circulating the web.  I heard from Jeannie Herer today, that they are moving forward with his son Mark pursuing conservatorship and they have waded through enough red tape to reverse the restraining orders and clear moving Jack out of the nursing home into a private care situation that will allow him to receive the Special Care that we all know he feels is instrumental to his recovery, that he is unable to receive in his current situation/location.  The only thing still keeping him there, is the lack of funds to procure the necessary geriatric bed & medicine that he will need for the doctor to release him.  Allegedly, Medicare is not currently kicking down because of the disputes regarding Jack’s finances, since his name is on so many product endorsements- but as we all know too well, he does not receive monetary compensation for practically ANY of these licensing arrangements and so the Catch 22 continues.

My understanding is that as little as $4,700 (U.S.) could move Jack IMMEDIATELY into a safe environment where he can get the care & Special Care that he needs to progress his recovery to the point where he can enter the rehabilitative program in Palo Alto (where he will need to have already recovered to the point of being able to participate for two to three hours a day of rehabilitation in order to get accepted to the successful program)  To find out more about how you can help or where to send money to help save Jack’s life and spirit, please visit his site at:

Please do not post liberally around on the internet, but feel free to forward this information to anyone that you think may be in the financial position to help make this $4,700 goal a reality so that Jack can be moved this week or as soon as possible.  Jack Herer has dedicated his entire life to this movement and it would be nice to have him around to celebrate the inevitable victory that he began before many of us were even born, with his first thousand steps to Liberate Hemp.

Thank you for your energy.  Together we are really making a difference.  Seriously.

I look forward to seeing you again sooner than later!

Melissa “white chocolate” Balin
323.979.6989 TEMP CELL

The Great Syndication Is Coming.


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4 Responses to “HEMP MOVIE GETTING BIG!”

  1. scott Says:

    That movie is a joke. They hosed Jack. Somebody ask them how much Balin paid Jack paid for the book rights?

    They paid Jack a disgustingly low amount of money ( under $1000 ) for movie rights worth about $50K, and his estranged wife Jeannie forced him to drive back and forth from Clear Lake to LA several times to make and promote the movie.

    Jack had the heart attack the week after this demo premiered in October.

    I was with him.He was exhausted, worn ragged and didn’t really want to stress over this amateur production but his crazy wife was demanding he do it.

    Now had they paid him the industry standard for the Movie Rights, Jack should have recieved a nice advance of like about $50,000 and would not have to work so hard for a few monthes. They SCREWED him for $500 and he probably got like 20 cents an hour for his time and effort.

    They spent way more money on the catering truck, and parties than Jack ever recieved.

    This movie played a crucial role in driving Jack to the heart attack, and it was not worth loosing Jack to produce.

    See Bonnie Kings story at Salem-News Jack Jack Who’s Got Your Back

    This movie is part of this disgusting greedy drama, and not worth seeing and deserves to be ignored at best

  2. scott Says:

    Dont send money to these vultures.

    Jack needs to go to UCSF as soon as possible. Jack’s estranged wife is crazy and Jack executed a Power Of attorney to protect himself from her clutches.

    If you love Jack, read this article http://www.salem-news.com/articles/december212009/jackherer_bk.php

  3. scott Says:

    I am only on Jack’s side.

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