Henry’s March on D.C. poster (WIP)

I’m letting you all in as I work out the design for this promo poster for an up-coming “Henry Hemp” event.


Final touches now with the colors, saturated the base color and in a new layer added stronger color in specific areas to make it pop more in areas. then added shading in another layer.

Starting the flat colors. At this point in the digital coloring where I’m mostly just blocking out the areas where the viritery of colors will be on the image.

Ready now for coloring.

Inking in the signs now. added on the capitol dome now too. I pasted that on in a layer behind in photoshop..

Beginning the inking, this first stage returning back to the main board.

A lot of this is left to fix.. namely that front foot… yeeeeeeesh! Henry liked how in the pencils there was a subliminal pyramid shape coming from the crowd at the horizon, so I’m gonna work on that back in it too.

Back again on this poster project, the event will be held on July 4th, 2010, in Washington D.C. Now sometimes I’ll have to draw elements of the picture seperate, so I get a clear look  and position things until they feel right.

I don’t think I’ve ever drawn the Capitol building before. (using photo ref.. ty google image.) This will be in the distance so so much detail won’t be required, I don’t think.

Fleshed out pencils now about ready for inking.

First pass of pencils laying out onto the 11″x17″ bristol board.

Sketchbook doodle design based on direction given in email from client.

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