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R.I.P. Dick Giordano, Famed Batman artist, an inker and Comic book editor for Both Charlton Comics and DC Editor-In-Chief.

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Dick GiordanoDick Giordano has died and today is a sad day for everyone in the comic book industry.

In these days where just about every press release touts everyone as an industry great, Dick Giordano was truly a comic book legend. While primarily known as one of the great all-time inkers (often pairing with Neal Adams, another legend), Giordano also spent 10 years as DC Comics’s Vice President/Executive Editor, a position he held from 1983-1993, arguably the most critical time frame in DC Comics history. He oversaw Crisis on Infinite Earths and the rebooting of the entire universe and its iconic characters, one of the more ambitious moves ever taken by a major comic book company. He was also there when DC launched their Vertigo line of mature readers comics, possibly the most influential move DC Comics has made in the modern age.

His loss is being felt throughout the industry, but most especially at DC Comics. “When I was just trying to break into comics back in 1986, I received a lot of form rejection letters, including a very gracious one from Dick at DC Comics. On the DC letterhead, he took the time to pen an additional personal note which I still cherish today. “Looking good–keep working at it.” Those few words kept this often dejected young artist hanging in there as it took many many more submissions before I finally broke into comics,” said Jim Lee, Co-Publisher, DC Comics  “Thank you, Dick, for your words of encouragement, all the years of amazing art and editorial leadership at DC. And finally, for showing us artists how a great inker gets it done.”

Dick Giordano Art

“Dick Giordano was an inspiration for me when I first joined DC Comics,” said Dan DiDio, Co-Publisher, DC Comics. “He was an innovator and an industry leader as both a creator and a creative executive. He was truly one of the greats in the business.”

To me, he and DC Comics were synonymous. I hardly ever thought of one without thinking of the other. I came of age as a comic book reader during his tenure as DC Comics’s Vice President/Executive editor so his name was on every DC comic book that I read (and there were a lot of them) from the time I was 6 to 16. And for years it seemed like Giordano was the artist on all the promotional material that DC Comics put out. Things like official DC Comics calendars (see left) seemed to always be drawn by Giordano, and in my head, when I picture certain DC Comics characters, I still picture them the way that Giordano drew them. I distinctly remember being a kid and wondering who the guy was who drew all this cool stuff for DC Comics, and it wasn’t until I was much older that I found out it was Giordano.

Jonah Hex #51Dick Giordano never stopped working. Just recently he penciled Jonah Hex #51. I remember being completely surprised to see his name and being very happy about it. It’s always nice to see that even in retirement, the legends never lose their passion of the art, and it makes me appreciate books like Jonah Hex and guys like Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Grey even more because their commitment to showcasing art by an eclectic mix of industry greats meant we got to see Dick Giordano shine one more time.

It’s always tough when we lose someone like Dick Giordano. From an industry perspective it’s tough because he is was one of the few genuine legends in the field, from both the creative and business sides. From a fan perspective, it’s tough not only because he brought so much joy to readers but because he was a constant. His name has been there for my entire comic book reading life. He has just always been there, in some form or another, and now he’s not.

We salute you, Dick Giordano.

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