Annual Sketchbook

It’s May and that means it that time when school Annuals come out. Back last week when I was out of a computer and lets face it enough current to power it. So to keep myself sane, one of the things I would to to occupy myself it up in the attic I found a 2000- 2001 Annual of this local university I had as part of a long forgotten job freelance job. So flipping through it, I figured Id borrow a page from Robert Crumb, and make sketches of some of the faces that stood out to me.. Mostly the ones that stood out from the mostly straight laced Christian school that this book was from.

Some of these kids.. who I do not know, what-so-ever, really look outta place. This by the way, is something I loath to do, when people ask me to draw them by pictures or their kids etc.. because, to be honest they are usually just normal.. there is no real unique looks to inspire.

I personally think vintage looks are more fun, even though I really got into the modern ones above.. just that short 90-2000 hair is not as fun to draw. to streamlined for my taste. So I went and dug around in my reletives old school annuals this one I pulled from the early 50’s. Here goes some love vintage gails.

The I fround my late Aunts college annual fro 1936.

I started loosing steam by this point. Next day I grabed some random old comics of mine and did some figure studies the first is creaded to ref, Lee Moulder.

Next is a artist I always go back to and is the comic book artist that fueled my interest to become a pro artist in the first place, John Byrne.

Baggage aside, I feel his figure drawing is beyond anyone else in his prime, during my reader era of the 80’s. And he does the best and sexiest She Hulk, hands down!


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