RevoluTuck LIVE Podcast (Alpha#00)

RevoluTuck LIVE Podcast (Alpha#00) “Blocked For Harassment”

Hosted by Tucker Mike (Tuck)

61.9Mb / 64Kbps / 2:15:09 / stereo.

[A slight warning regarding feedback at the start of this and some other minor audio difficulties as I scurry around trying to make things like Skype work.]

Saturday night I went to just test out my audio settings and tech stuff, etc.. and it ended up being a wacky 3 hours of “DaDead”, “Carlito” and I. In hour 2 I make the first prank calls that I’ve done in YEARS! It’s just epic loonacy. Drunk DaDead = WIN every time.

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2 Responses to “RevoluTuck LIVE Podcast (Alpha#00)”

  1. J-RAD Says:

    the show sounds good so far.. what time are you going to be on? and you and carlito were talking about clockwork orange the star guy in that movie plays on this other krazy movie called (caligula) you should check it out its krazy.. any show sounds good so far..

  2. revolutuck Says:

    Yeah Malcolm McDowell is an interationaly know actor! The list of great movies is a mile long!

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