I originate from West Tennessee, and currently live back at my ancestral home. The son of a cotton farmer, I was always drawn to comics as a young boy. I wanted to be Jack Kirby and wanted to draw like John Byrne. A little later on I wanted to be John Lennon.. but let’s concentrate on the art shall we?

Studied Commercial Art and Graphic Design in the mid 1990’s at Lambuth University, in Jackson Tennessee. Falling into the world of art is odd because I had no real early training. No kind of programs that really encouraged me to enter into that field. If anything my suroundings actually discouraged most self expression. The one that did were labeled eccentrics and oddballs. My High School banned dancing because it was the way of the devil, fer corn sakes!

I was determined to be an artist out of my own free will. I taught myself and stubborn to learn it my own way. In fact Most of my childhood troubles with authority was on account of my drawing.

I have helped develop characters and sequential storytelling for editors and clients of small-press run publications. And web comic series, etc. Most recently I created the art of the 2008 Muck Sticky CD “Muck Sticky is My Friend”. This launched me into the publics eyes as a stoner community artist. I have done designs and CD design, posters, publications, plenty of web art for clients like Muck Sticky, Chief Greenbud, Henry Hemp, Cannabis Planet, Spliff Tube.com, Time 4 Hemp, Producer Melissa Balin of Brookturn Studios and on and on…

Check my galleries for sample pages. Self published works, and work for higher projects are in the current ‘well’ of work these days.To see what I’m currently up to go see my artist blog, for what I’m doing right now!

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