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B-Day Sir. Paul

June 18, 2010

Look You know the music and seen pleanly of film clips, what about random rare bits and bobs?

awe F it.. heres a classic vid to play us out..

Oh, and I almost forgot…

February 27, 2010

… To tell ya about this email I got yesterday. 😀

Hi, Mike….I am doing a journal page, sort of in memory of a very good friend who was a Beatles fan. I would like to use the sketch you did for the 2009 celebration as part of it. My page will be posted on a digital scrapbooking site,, in a gallery there for journal posts.
I love your sketch and the way it fits with, and into, my journal page!
Here is my work to date, almost finished, possibly a few little changes (nothing to the sketch):
I, of course, will not post without your permission. I will credit you by name, and website or whatever else you want.

Thanks for your consideration…..
Barbara Peters


December 25, 2009




December 24, 2009



Here’s some more Christmas-ness..

Because wherever you are.. it’s Christmas!

And pretty much everything on this page!

Happy Beatle Day!

September 8, 2009

They have marked Sept, 9th, 2009 as Beatles marketing frenzy.. all sorts of product and events are going on.. so yeah.. now you know!




As a bonus watch The Beatles Anthology.

Being Suportive

August 27, 2009

No matter how talented and ambitious you are.. regardless if you are a artist entertainer. performer,  what have you.. all of us depend on the support of others.  We also depend on the support of each other if it another creative person that we enjoy as a fan and as a friend.

So today I want to acknolege a few people that are incredible talents on thier own right, that are inspiring to me, as both a fan fellow creator and I’d like to feel have built a friendship.

Sean Ward:

Sean, who lives on Toronto Canada, is raising money so he can attend events he is a big part of in California!

please donate it’s for 2 good causes!

Muck Sticky:

Muck tv

Muck in Memphis, TN has started up his web cam show. I was in the chat last night.. his fans can get a bit out of hand and the kids that want attention. Hopefully he’ll find a way to keep things under control.

Muck is truly the seed for why all this is happening for me in the past year. So I can never this this dude enough!

Henry Hemp:


A lot of recent thanks to Henry out in sunny Hollywood, CA who is not only very active in the Hemp  legalization and Medical Marijuana advicey out the in California. He is also a busy guy in production for a weekly TV series out there called “Cannabis”. He also help hook me up with the film producer of the short film documentry, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” based on the cutting edge  book of hemp facts of the same name. Congradulations to Mellisa Balin and Jack Herer, I heard the premier Tuesday was a great success!!