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Escapades 3

July 8, 2009

The long awaited next installment of Muck Sticky’s youtube reality show spoof series is now up for y’all. “The Escapades of Muck Sticky” Episode 3.

The third episode of The Escapades of Muck Sticky. Muck is leaving town and runs into a strange character…

If I’m not wrong, this footage may be from a film project he was telling me he was working on at the end of last year. Regardless, it’s great to see him put out something new!

Goin’ Down to Mempho’, part 4

June 13, 2009

Howdy folks! Tuck here, with you again reporting to you this time from the infamous “red room” that is backstage at the ledgendary “New Daisy theater” In Memphis, TN.


And we take you to Chief Greenbud already on the stage….100_2124-1

Somebody hands Chief a new pair of “CGB” sunglasses while on stage…


The Chief gives us a message… I bet you can guess what that message is? (more…)

Goin’ Down to Mempho’, part 3

June 11, 2009


I’ve never seen that shirt look better!!

100_2066-1Here we are right outside in front of the New Daisy Theatre on Beale St. downtown Memphis, TN. That is Suzie, girlfriend of friend Spyder, who was my guide out to the show.

100_2070-1And right at the backstage door Spyder (in white) and I find Chief Greenbud there in the tie-dye…


Holy crap what’s Taco doing here? Soon I’ll discover many unscheduled guests will appear as the night progresses.


I’m already hearing a lot of “Hey it’s ‘TuckerMike’“, as I make my way inside, how crazy is that?


Oh hey look, it’s what’s his face that does that thingy-thing!


I got to spend some time, also, with Lil’ HollyWood seen here with his buddy Mike.


I’m introduced to “FDF”. Muck is insisting everybody come out in front of the stage, we will not regret it! … we didn’t regret it!



ok looks like Chief is coming up onto the stage next. so we’ll have to close this segment for next time here on “RovoluTuck”.


Who are these Faries?

June 8, 2009

Hey gang I’ve returned a little prematurely from my scheduled visit in Memphis. I took a ride back after the big Muck Sticky and Co., New Daisy bash. I will get all of that together for you soon.


Until that time We were all blown away by this little unknown Little Rock, Ark. comedy, rock, trippy, punk band “Flameing Daeth Fearies”


It’s a little hard to see the fairy wings on the bands backs.




June 2, 2009

Make sure you are checking out the latest edition of the Muck Sticky comic strip one pager “Stay Lifted”. This one features ‘Momma Sticky’!

If plans go right I hope to see everybody down @ The New Daisy!


Oh dear…

May 23, 2009

I’m not really sure how I feel about this vid…

On a more enlightened note..