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March 7, 2011


The strips for what we are referring to as “Season 1” are all drawn in the “can”. The next season is already in production, I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for Andy, Steve and the rest of the gang.  The team up in Montreal have the website up, complete with a store and apparel catalogue done. Watch out in your local head-shops, coffee houses and dispensaries for our merch!

Let me tell ya, this is some unprecedented biz-wax. At times it is beyond me how my art is reaching far and wide. Jason Mainella and I are putting much positive energy into this project. We hope is flows out into all of you and you catch it and let it grow and grow increasingly across the globe.


RevoluTuck Podcast Prank Call Christmas Special 2010

December 25, 2010

Madhouse Live preempted Christmas Special “RevoluTuck Live X-Mas 2010”
Tuck fills in and takes the rains on the night before Christmas Eve, where he makes orders to the wrong kinds of restaurants and postpones Christmas for the UK. (MATURE LANGUAGE is quite possible)


1:13:31 / 33.7 Mb / 64 KBPS / Stereo

Cotton Time Twenty Ten, and other stuff

September 22, 2010

First up take a look at the cotton crop for this year!

UPDATE Part 2.

Also I’m doing a weekly podcast, featuring prank calls and the such on

“High Buddies” launch date has been set for November. Jason Mainella with all 50 strips in had in Montreal.

Animation projects are starting too, with Henry Hemp, more on that next time out, when I think to update thais stuff.



May 5, 2010

Back from the brink it does appear. I have a mess of stuff to update you on. And I also got some spankin’ new farm pix for you to gawk at.

Note the rustic look in above photo. The old farm house was in it’s death throws with it’s electricity and wireing, even worse the the big surge a few weeks earlier. We enlisted the one of the best electritions in the area, just in time as it really began going to pot. No good light to see to shave, etc.

Changing a breaker was beyond what was needed it turns out. A few decades of incompitent wireing and most of our outlets needing replaced. This computer even stopped working, turns out just not enough current was going to it.. too many room going onto one breaker didn’t help things either. Mind you our stress was at full tilt.

The man who worked on the house, last week, was on “Rockstar” of a electritian. He was confident “Don’t worry we’re gonna figure it out”. He works with his wife, and older couple well into their 50’s. Replacing the faulty light fixture in the main dining room during a tornado warning, with the braker is still HOT, isn’t “Rockstar” status, then I don’t know, what is? He then rushes out during that and the flood, and get washed away, figuring he could run to town to get a part at Lows.

We’re lucking to be on high ground, the floods here in Tennessee, this weekend are ledgendary. I think a few roads may still be out.

I heard that the Cumberland river levy broke and flooded the Grand Ol Opery Hotel, in Nashville, even. A friend let a flood victem stay at her house, while she is working in Iraq.

During all of this I recived my own donation, in the form of a second work computer, from my “High Buddies” partner Jason Mainella, of Spliff Tube and Xsessive Designs out of Montral, CA. new Wacom Bamboo tablet to boot and chalk full of CS4 Adobe software.I’ll chalk it up to good Karma, from when I donated a friend a extra PC, last year. I’m very behind in projects, never mind the web comic strip, this so helps me out.

Thanks to who all called me up to check on me during my “Technology Sabatical”. I’ll post the sketches I made to keep myself sane during all of this ordeal.

Oh, other good news I learned today is the return of Madhouse Radio Forums! is MH Live to far behind? Getting my high speed is next on list.. right after a hair cut.

The “Cave”

August 25, 2009


Ok so I’ve been out of sorts with keeping in tune with what has been going down here @ “RevoluTuck Productions”. And why has the radio show gone away.. and where are the silly posts of odd youtube vids and farm pictures that everybody loves?

Well the this is in fact so much is going on, that I’ve not had the chance to sit and tell you guys all of it!


The term my fellow ambitious friends call “The Cave”.. where we hole ourselves up and do the work not communicating with the outside world.

Ok so what has been going on with me then? Well where to start.. First thing I’d say is the film.. Yeah so durring my birthday I get the message that an Indi-film producer is asking me for art work.. and background plates that is to be used for green screen useage. The short film is a documentery of the book “The Emporor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer. It’s a all around fact book about the benifits of hemp and marjuana and is the “bible” of the medival marjuana activist communty pushing state and federal goverments to legalize.

Here is the link to the production Co. headed by “my new fan” Malissa Balin

Henry Hemp set me up with that because they are using him the the film, plus we are also working with the tv show “Cannabis Planet”.

We are despretly trying to find a way to make this studio set up for animation too.. (we need software!)

Oh yes speaking of software.. my “Photoshop Elements” broke.. anybody know how to help full get rid of it so I can reinstall? Without totally doing a fresh reinstall of everything that is on my iMac G5.. (and all you pc tech snobs don’t crack jokes about my mac please!…. stick to you daily virus alerts.. ok?)

I’ve been using a alternatve app .,that came with my scanner.. and taking my thumb drive over to my old slow iMac that has a really old version of Adobe Photoshop on it.

Thus not much sleep.. and this studio is a mess. Th floor is full of markers crayons color pencils and paper I had to use.. I cant color all that well digitly.. and the old computer is so slow… it’s driving me crazy!


I’ve neglected some other project I had promised I hope to get to them that are waiting on me..

Back with cool blogs and pictures and new rambeling on things.. Hopefully some philosiphy that I’ve aquired while doing this here stuff lately.

Warm up seasonal sketches and public thanks

December 12, 2008

First up I want to thank Jon over at for his package! Cool now I have a whole disk of Jack Benny Christmas shows on mp3 to listen to while I’m working. Be sure to check out all those OTR shows and order them for your relatives they make great gifts for this time of year.

I’ve been listening to all kinds of odd OTR radio shows out of places like “Yesterday USA” while working buizzed-bully over here at the RevoluTuck Studios. The demands are really flooding in right now. Here is a page of warm up sketches I worked up, both in 1940s girl feel.


First one is some space cutie while listening to a cheezey episode of “Space Patrol” and the other is a pinup girl Santa .. and she’s got a gift for you! Hoo Hoo HoooooOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


Bettie Page remains hospitalized, in a coma

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


1950s pin-up queen Bettie Page is very sick. She was about to be released from a hospital last week after recovering from pneumonia, when she had a heart attack and went into a coma. She’s 85.

Page was a top student who became a secretary and then went into modeling. She hoped to become a mainstream actress. With her trademark short dark bangs, her photos included a centerfold in the January 1955 issue of Playboy magazine. But it was her bondage poses that made her the target of a Senate hearing on obscenity the same year. She never had to testify.

Page was out of the public eye for decades. During that time she became a born-again Christian and had a bout with mental illness. Page resurfaced in the 1990s and occasionally granted interviews but refused to allow her picture to be taken. She told the Los Angeles Times in a March 2006 interview she wanted to be remembered as she was when she was young and in her “golden times.”

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