“STAY LIFTED” Starring Muck Sticky.

“Momma Understands”

By Mike Tucker and Muck Sticky.

Click on comic to enlarge!


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Copyrite © Muck Sticky, 2009.

Watch Muck Sticky in “$5 Cover: Memphis” on MTV!!

6 Responses to ““STAY LIFTED” Starring MUCK STICKY 3”

  1. chris Says:

    wow this is amazing lol you 2 always come out with something better than before!!!
    one love

  2. Spyder Says:

    hellllz yeah!!! LOL about right bro! keep ’em comin!!! u fuggin rawwwwwwk Mike!! Stay Lifted!

  3. revolutuck Says:

    Hopefully if we can tighten up the approval time between creations, we could really have something here!

    Glad everybody is liking it!!

  4. Announcements « Revolutuck the blog Says:

    […] Make sure you are checking out the latest edition of the Muck Sticky comic strip one pager “Stay Lifted”. This one features ‘Momma […]

  5. campbell Says:

    hey guys i love everything you do i think its great that a stoner can be inspirational and affect hundreds, thousands, maybe tens of thousands of people, my favorite song though is cotton candy cloudz ❤

  6. Elizabeth Isaacson Says:

    You are sooooo hilarious and refreshing I just love you guys….Muck you are definately the shit! Me poke smot and cock socky while playing with my thingy thing…~@& HA HA HA SHIT!

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