“Stay Lifted”

Script by Muck Sticky

Art by Mike Tucker


“Stay Lifted” by Muck Sticky and Mike Tucker © 2008


http://www.mucksticky.com and http://www.tuckermike.com

© Muck Sticky  and Mike Tucker, 2008.

13 Responses to ““STAY LIFTED” Starring MUCK STICKY!”

  1. STAY LIFTED for 2009! « Revolutuck the blog Says:


  2. Muck Sticky Says:

    Mike Tucker, you RULE! This is such a fantastic creation and I am glad we work together! Look forward to more coming soon! And as always, STAY LIFTED! ToOoDeLoOo

  3. Mr.DJ Says:

    hells yea..thats some funny shit mike…and muck ur tha shit

  4. Alison (HER) aka THA SHIT!!!!!! Says:

    LMFAO!!!!!!! Cool!!!!!!

  5. HempHusky Says:

    I can always count on Muck Sticky to bring some laughter to my day ^_^

  6. Captain Tripps Says:

    Great artwork.. Funneh as hell. Shows that every situation has more than one side, and it’s best to look at each one before you pass a judgement. Keep the ink flowing and the tunes rolling!

    Peace & Puffy Cloudz..

  7. MAASIN Says:

    Sup Muck, this is hillarious. Sounds like an experience I had the other day, oddly enogh. Holler at cha. Mike Tucker is a genius.

  8. RiCKy Says:

    That is awsome!

  9. Spyder Says:

    brilliant!!!!!!! Mike is tha bomb diggity

  10. revolutuck Says:

    Good morning everybody. The Muck Sticky/Taco ‘n’ Da Mofo’s show @ Tequela Joe’s in Jackson, TN, was a bast of a great time. I was happy to meet everybody.

    And THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your appreciation on this new comic!!! We will do more! Muck and I have some amazing ideas to throw to you in the very, very near future!

  11. A visit from the Tribe! « Revolutuck the blog Says:

    […] more excited to meet me, even more then I was to meet them. It is true everyone is crazy over the “Stay Lifted” comic. Muck and I know that we have to get out gears in gear and go back to work on producing more […]

  12. Batman Says:

    hahahahha thats awesome too funny. Great artwork Mike

  13. seanward Says:

    That is fuckin’ hilarious…

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