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July 25, 2009



I Honestly don’t know what is currently happening outside .. but all the different insects are really going apeshit!!!!! Yesterday it was a swarm of bees that are nestete near one of out frain pipes. Today.. it’s everything else.. wasps. flyes, dude even a yellow butterfly dive bomed me!!!!!!!

100_2521-1The little black specks are the bees.. sorry camera does the best that it can.

Film @ 10!


July 23, 2009

So for the last week now, Henry Hemp has been taping into, you might say, my “particle”.henry-2012-3eye-green3

um.. to be more clear.. well take a look at these videos he sent me. (btw.. Dec, 23, 2012 is his 40th birthday. While the predicted date for the ending age is Dec. 21.)

and then check out this…


I take all of this with a grain of salt, just so y’all know.. and so should you. I don’t think either I or Henry are going to become conspericey, “New World Order” fanatics or anything. lol.


July 21, 2009

Here are a few variants, I’m doing for a new campain for “Henry Hemp”.

It’s basiclly to do with the connection of hemp plant awareness and enlightenment of the earth on 2012.


Art By “Mike Tucker “Henry Hemp tapping in to the now”. A true Beacon of light to help Free the world and Hemp the Planet.

Henry Hemp radiating positive energy to the world! Free the Hemp plant! Free the WEED!

Art by: Mike Tucker Dec 23,2012? H.H birthday.



hemp-eyeDec 23,2012? H.H birthday.

catching up: “Momma” Cat and New Henry Hemp vid

July 16, 2009

Hey guys.. I’ve been a little off the rails some the pst few days.. Our old fathful “Momma” cat took a turn for the worse, so she is now “in a better place”. I know I have pics somewhere but I can’t put my hands on the at the moment.

She has been an outdoor cat of the families for I guess over 13 years.. so … yeah… It sucks…

Ok Henry Hemp sent me this vid.. I feels all of y’all should see and get him your feedback!

Henry Hemp believes This is a video to Help Reach those that are tapped in to the universe and to reach those that still need to be awakened, we are consciousness becoming aware of it self, We are powerful particles of GOD powerful particles of light! We are ONE! “One Love” Henry Hemp!

I take the whole 2012 thing.. NWO stuff with a grain of salt, personally, but I still am open to things.