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Oh, and I almost forgot…

February 27, 2010

… To tell ya about this email I got yesterday. 😀

Hi, Mike….I am doing a journal page, sort of in memory of a very good friend who was a Beatles fan. I would like to use the sketch you did for the 2009 celebration as part of it. My page will be posted on a digital scrapbooking site,, in a gallery there for journal posts.
I love your sketch and the way it fits with, and into, my journal page!
Here is my work to date, almost finished, possibly a few little changes (nothing to the sketch):
I, of course, will not post without your permission. I will credit you by name, and website or whatever else you want.

Thanks for your consideration…..
Barbara Peters


December 25, 2009




November 22, 2009

Most archive entries I get are for things like Betty Page, Silent film starlet Louise Brooks, that entry I did on Hawkwind.. and The Beatles and Doctor Who respectfully. The art entries get a bump every now and then. but for the most part that above gets the biggest hits via google search.

I get a good number of readers a day.. so that’s good. I just wish it was more active in the comments.

Happy BirthDay to Sean Ward!

November 25, 2008

Be sure you check out if you haven’t already too!


Can’t handle it anymore!

October 15, 2008

For god sakes, fame has gotten to him 40 plus years in, finally one of them cracks!

To many people love me, WHHHAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Sorry “mate” but you can’t just switch it off.

John’s B-day

October 10, 2008

Yesterday was John Lennon’s birthday, so here is a quick throw back, of mine, from 2000.