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Link-o, Rink-o, Roo-o

April 22, 2010

It’s all well and good that you guys that are coming through here form search engines, looking for the Jo Grant nudie Dalek photo.. or the Betty Page info.. or to my big suprise that Louise Brooks post.

There is however thing I have put up of the last few years now, that hardly get a look past the day I first posted them to the front page. First things first.. this is a art blog.. namely a blog for my work.

It also doubles as an place of interest blog. things that strike my fancy at any given time of day in the internet that I live. That’s where the Dr. Who and sexy chick post come from.. or as a comics guy and cartoonist.

I am a bit puzzled as to how a lot of these got sweeped under the rug.. so Take a look to past posts that clearly you never saw!

Bottom of the list.. and that is SHAMEEEFUULLLL Underground cartoonist Vaughn Bode

This as well boggles my why more aren’t taking hold of this information.

Then there’s this silly thing..

And guys.. really ..

Will repost more if you are good.

Cotton Time part 2

October 20, 2008

I snaged a few more field pix. I’ve also been toying with the diffrent settings on this camera.

Everybody be sure to comment and spread the word, check out the webcomic that is he also. And check out the classic Dr. Who shows that are on here too.

The white speck, through the trees, is my house.

Some Wildlife.

I got a trim… ok I got a cut… kinda on the short side, but it grows out pretty fast.