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Bollywood: Amjaneyulu

January 10, 2010

Amjaneyulu is a bad ass!!!

Anjaneyulu is the story involving mafia and gang wars. Anjaneyulu (Ravi Teja) works as a reporter for a news channel. Surya is another honest reporter belonging to the same news channel who unravels a murder conspiracy relating to the mafia leader, Bada (Sonu Sood). Anjali (Nayanatara) is a beauty who works for a mobile servicing company. Anjaneyulu comes across this lady and wants her to be his lady love. Apparently they fall in love. In the meantime, Surya is threatened by Bada because Surya unearths the murder motive of Bada. How Anjaneyulu deals with the whole episode of Mafia and the gang wars, forms rest of the story

Space, Boosh and Bolly

December 13, 2009

Some cool here’s and thers that I’ve come across lately….

Raquel Welch from Outer Space!

I know the trendy thing was to be into this was years ago now but still.. I’m a backwards country boy.. I can’t help it!

(I wish I had a version of this above w/ Subtitles.. but you really don’t need it to follow that action.. the car race crash, sequence puts “Fast and the Furious” to shame.)

And watching this show online can distract me from work.

Your Morning Zin

September 16, 2009

Also demed the WTF post…

cookie911jpegWhat can I say? I love the blog.